• Ultimate Fishing Adventures

    by Henry Gilbey, published by Wiley Nautical

    £20, www.wileynautical.com
    Henry Gilbey lead a rare old life. Though he admitted that he hadn’t fished every one of the places listed in this book, he’s cast a line in more than half of them. They range from Cape York in Australia to DePuy Spring Creek in Montana, from Murchison Falls in Uganda to Ascension Island. Tough life, huh?
    He’s a sort of British Rex Hunt, best known for his television programmes, where his boundless enthusiasm, even in adversity, smooths over the fact that he doesn’t often catch very much with the cameras on him.
    That said, he’s a highly competent angler, equally happy with fly, lure or bait, though his preference, apparent here, is undoubtedly for the taste of salt in his lungs.
    He’s also an extremely good photographer, and that’s what makes this book worthwhile. Each venue gets a two-page spread, but with at least half that swallowed by some breathtaking pictures, there’s sadly not room for much about the places themselves.
    Still, if its purpose is to make you think of new venues and new challenges, it succeeds admirably. Yes, it’s a coffee-table book that won’t tax your reading skills too much. But  Gilbey’s 100 destinations include some wonderful spots with atmospheric photos. You may not be tempted to dash off to England’s river Wye or the Shannon estuary in Ireland, you might well fancy investigating travel arrangements for Guatemala, Gabon or Mozambique.                        DP

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