• Giant salmon caught from Tweed

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    A near-50lb salmon has been landed from the river Tweed. The 50in fish, with a 25in girth, was caught by Jim Read of Edinburgh on the river at Scott’s View, about three miles east of Melrose. It is the biggest from  the river for more than 25 years and was returned after capture. The fish fell to a gold-bodied Willie Gunn tube and took 40 minutes to land. At one stage, it ran more than 150 yards downstream   Ghillie Ian Farr said: “It was so big my guest couldn’t pick it up after his battle. It was a huge fish – I have never seen one that big in my life, and I’ve been here 25 years.” Looking at charts and other guidelines, Farr believes it may have weighed around 47lb. The last recorded big salmon from the beat, a 39lb 8oz salmon, was 25 years ago. Full story here. Interested to hear from readers what the last 50lb salmon from the Tweed was. Fred Buller’s wonderful Domesday Book of Giant Salmon records a few over 50lb in the 1920s but I can’t find a record of one over 50lb caught since then on the fly.


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